Behavior & Sportsmanship

Please don't attend our sporting events to intimidate or ridicule other teams; go to support all athletes and to enjoy the competition. 

Important Reminders
· Spectators and athletes in attendance at Afton sporting events are expected to have FUN by demonstrating positive enthusiasm without causing harm, danger, or embarrassment to others or to our school.
· Spectators and athletes are to demonstrate common sense, show respect toward opponents, players, coaches, and officials, and to maintain self-control in all of their actions.
· Spectators and athletes are to police their own ranks and demand proper behavior from fellow spectators and athletes. One’s individual behavior can affect the total group.
· Spectators and athletes are to demonstrate respect and pride for our school and for our property.
· The use of tobacco and/or alcohol by spectators and/or athletes is illegal on buses and on all public school properties at any time. Do not bring these products near our events or near our school property. Review pages 2 & 3 of our Athletic Handbook and Contract for more details and penalties for violating this law.   
Spectator Expectations
· During the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, spectators and athletes are to rise and face the American flag, remove their hats or caps, remain silent, and to listen to the public address announcer for instructions.
· Proper language is to be used at all times. NO language that may be offensive to others will be tolerated. School sporting events are family activities and NO place for profanity or vulgar language. Individual or group vulgarity is unacceptable, as is verbal harassment or booing of players, coaches, or officials.
· Cheer for our teams, but NOT against our opponents.
· Respect is the key to good sportsmanship. Respect both players and fans from the opposing team. Opposing players are not our enemies, just simply athletes who happen to attend other schools.
· Be modest and humble in both victory and defeat. It's easy to be a good winner, but more difficult to show class when we lose.
· Acknowledge good plays by both teams by clapping, cheering, and congratulating them.
· Be concerned with anyone who is injured. Give concerned applause when an injured athlete is aided off the court or away from the field.
· Respect the officials’ judgments and interpretations of the rules. They’re human too! 

Good sportsmanship begins with you. Thank you for remembering this!

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