Technology at ACS


MISSION: Our mission is to maintain the infrastructure and design that supports our district technology goals. This mission is grounded in attention to fundamental reform of curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, and the organization and management of the school.

VISION: Our vision is to support learning-rich classrooms, and utilize the advantages of networked communication at all levels within the district: student, staff, administration, and community. It is married to the notion of cross-curriculum instruction, team-teaching, student portfolios, learning standards and independent learning. The vision encompasses students as life-long learners and as potential employees. It embraces the empowerment that access to worldwide information promises. It addresses the redundancy of forms and routines, reports and reporting. This Vision opens doors of communication between every combination of student, teacher, parent/guardian, administrator, and corner of the world. Students will be able to discover, create, and learn with tools and skills that the rest of the world will expect them to use. Learning resources will be available for all: equitable access. T eachers continue to have access to colleagues, resources, learning centers, and professional development opportunities; to exponentially increase their awareness of methods, lessons, and opportunities for learning.

1) Prepare students and staff to be safe, successful citizens by creating technology-rich opportunities at ACS.
2) Improve communication and productivity within the ACS community.
3) Maximize ACS' link to the world and its resources.
4) Administer and maintain a long-range commitment to technology's role at ACS.
Afton Technology Committee
Timothy McNamara, Superintendent
Matt Bostelman, Network Specialist
Laura Zanrucha, MS/HS Principal
Beth Carsello, Elementary Principal
Tracy Caezza, CSE Chair 
Ken Howard, Business Manager
Stacy Huyck, Tech Coordinator
Josh Sember, Network Specialist

Nicki Andrews, ES Teacher
Travis Buley, HS Teacher
Karen Clark, ES/MS Teacher
Dan DeVona, Library Specialist
Vicky Gregory, MS/HS Teacher
Stacey Gridley, ES Teacher
Scott Higby, HS Teacher
Leslie McGraw, Library Media Specialist
Kim Nutting, HS Teacher 
Nancy Phetteplace, ES Teacher

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Instructional Technology Planning
The purpose of this form is to give parents, students, district employees and community members an opportunity to provide feedback on the district's instructional technology plans.

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Tech Committee Meeting Dates 2017-2018

 All meetings will begin at 3:30 PM in the Elementary School Computer Lab.

November 7, 2017
February 6, 2018
March  20, 2018
April 10, 2018
May 8, 2018
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