Administration of medication


New York State Education Department’s Guidelines for Medication Management in Schools (revised December 2017) describes medication prescribing and administration in the school setting in New York State.  

Many times children are required to have medications administered at school.  As a registered professional nurse (RN) I am required to have certain documentation.  I am required by New York State Education Law to have a signed order from your child’s provider.  The medication must be in the original container from the pharmacy (you can ask the pharmacy to provide a second labeled container to provide to the school). The medication can ONLY be brought in or picked up by an adult. The School Nurse is available to accept medications Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 3:30.

Education Law 131 permits the following licensed health professionals (also called an authorized prescriber or licensed medical provider) to prescribe/order medications within their respective scopes of practice: physicians, MD, physician assistants, PA, nurse practitioners, FNP.  The authorized prescriber writing the order must be duly licensed to practice medicine in New York State.

Education Law permits the following licensed health professionals to administer medications with their respective scopes of practice, as prescribed/ordered by an authorized prescriber: registered professional nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN).

ALL medication administered at school by licensed health professionals MUST have a signed provider prescription/order.  This is necessary for both prescription and non-prescription medications.  A licensed medical provider order must be renewed annually or when there is a change in the order.  A provider order is valid for 12 months unless otherwise stated. Medication orders/prescriptions must have the following information: Student name, date of birth, medication name, dosage strength, time of dose.  The prescription container is NOT considered an order.

Tracy Simmons, RN

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