Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

January Knights of the Month:

Knights of the Month: 
Kindergarten - Gloria Beckwith
1st Grade - Rebecca Sperry
2nd Grade - Donna Kear 
3rd Grade - Hunter Scott 
4th Grade - Levi Russell    
5th Grade - Kadence Racine

Great Effort Awards
Weston Bunze
Xavier Crisell      
Landon-James Kubisa   
Logan Cole 
Daniel Woodruff     
Madelyn Sweeney 
Emma Mueller   
Jaylee Kehoe     
Addisyn All
Rebecca Sperry 
Mikel Robinson 
Kaden Kehoe 
Julian Terrell
Cordell Stanfield
Donald Klee  

January Rider of the Month

Bus Riders of the Month:
Teagan O’Connor & MaKenzie Brett

Honor Roll 2018-19

First Term Honor Roll
4th Grade                                                       5th Grade 
Daniel Anstey II                                            Wyatt Butts
Bohannan Bushaw                                         Kathleen Charette
Padian Button-Rinker                                    Emilie Hopkins
Madison Joslin                                               Donald Klee
Vanessa Palmatier                                          Kadence Racine
Cooper Pingitore                                           Johnathan Smith
Lydia Vroman                                                Ethan VanZandt
Cooper Warren
First Term High Honor Roll
4th Grade                                                                   5th Grade  
Kate Baciuska                                                            Maxwell Cable
Logan Hosier                                                             Claire James
Sophia McCumber                                                     Jaylee Kehoe
Emma Mueller                                                           Jordan Phillips
Abbey Paoletti                                                           Samantha Sperry
Megan Racine
Levi Russell
Bradley Spry
Julian Terrell
Jenna Wilson
Hannah Woodruff
Avree Wrench


Perfect attendance is achieved by having zero absences and two or fewer combined tardies and dismissed earlies.

Kate Baciuska                             Kadence Racine
Mya Boston                                Megan Racine
Kathleen Charette                       Grace Roberts
Tabitha Charette                          Sabrina Roberts
Marcus Chavis                            Dominic Robertson
Summer Clark                             Hannah Robertson
Kaley Copeland                          McKenna Ross
Morgan Crosby                           Braelynn Rowe
Dominick Cutting                       Levi Russell
Gabriel Cutting                           John Shapley
Nash Ford                                   Mason Sherwood
Jackari Garipoli                          Johnathan Smith
Brenden Gurnee                         Keira Sperry
Matthew Hutton                         Samantha Sperry
Claire James                               Bradley Spry
Jaylee Kehoe                              Mia Spry
Amelia Lawrence                       Jordan Strong
Natalie Lippert                          Aiden Thomas
Mackenzie Mack                       Alaysia Thomas
Gavin Matthews                        Lydia Vroman
Jaden McAdams                        Orin Vroman
Finn McGraw                            Cooper Warren
Ayden Olshefski                       Trinity Werkheiser
Abbey Paoletti                          Jenna Wilson
Aubrey Patrick                         Hannah Woodruff



We will continue to celebrate birthdays, positive bus behavior, Students of the Month, marking period perfect attendance, positive classroom behaviors, and recognition of leadership and community involvement. As the elementary principal, I welcome every opportunity to interact with children and positively reward students for outstanding behavior and character.

On the last Friday of each month, we will start our Morning Program at 8:40 a.m. During Morning program, we will announce our Students of the Month, Great Effort, and Bus Riders of the Month. Parents/guardians will be notified when their child is receiving one of the above awards. Students of the Month will assist with the morning announcements during the month following their recognition.

You may have noticed the addition of “Great Effort” awards. Great Effort certificates will be given to students that displayed great effort and growth during the month. Each homeroom teacher may select one student per month. This award increases student recognition by an added 14 students per month.

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