Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

Knights of the Month

Congratulations to our Elementary Knights of the Month

Knights of the Month

-Luella Pulido
Knight of the Month: Luella Pulido
-Hayden BaxterKnight of the Month Hayden Baxter
-Donnie VincentKnight of the Month: Donnie Vincent
-Mika CaporaleKnight of the Month: Mika Caporale
-Cornelius Vroman
-Brennan Andres

Bus Rider of the Month 
-Gabriella Ragusa
Gabriella Ragusa: Bus Rider of the Month

Outstanding Walker Award
-Malakai Felton

-Ella Parsons
Keep up the Great work!

Bus of the Month:


Bus #3

Bus Riders of the Month:

Brenden G. & Keira S.

Walkers of the Month:

Dominick C. & Kayleigh W.

Great Effort Awards:

      Raven S.                                Destiny H.  
      Jaden A.                                Landon M.  
    Brentlee B.                                Hunter M.  
    Cornelius V.                            Mikayla P.
       Finn W.                               Mallory L.
         Teagan O.                               Rebecca S.
         Nash F.                               Logan C.
Camron K.                                Hunter B.

Knights of the Week Ending April 29, 2022

Congratulations to all of our Knights of the Week!

Knights of the Week

-Everrette Cohan
-Melody Barringer
-Kenny Hoyt
-Kavyonna Felton
-Ryder Gonzalez
-Isaiah Padua
-Faith Latsachack-Lockwood
-Ezra Keen-Wood

Honor Roll 3rd Marking Period 2021 – 2022

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