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New York State Education Law §2-d and Part 121 of the Commissioner’s Regulations outline requirements for educational agencies related to the protection of the personally identifiable information (PII). The law requires that each educational agency shall publish a parent's bill of rights for data privacy and security, along with policies, and unauthorized discloser procedures and forms.  The law also requires that with each contract an education agency enters with a third-party contractor, that receives personally identifiable information (PII), must contain a signed bill of rights and supplemental information.  The Afton Central School District will work continuously to ensure the protection of this data and follow the requirements outlined in the Education Law §2-d  and Commissioner's Regulations.
      Third Party Contract Supplement:  Third-Party Contracts (See the RIC One Data Privacy Inventory Tool below)

Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  Name:  Stacy Huyck
  Email:  [email protected]
  Phone:  607-639-8259
  Mailing Address:  29 Academy Street, Afton, NY 13730
Additional information regarding Education Law §2-d  and Part 121 of the Commissioner’s Regulations can be found at the following links:
     NYS Education Department:
     RIC One DPS:

RIC One Data Privacy Inventory Tool

This Data Privacy Inventory Tool complies a list of district software as required by Education Law §2-d Part 121 Regulations.  It provides a means for sharing our parents' bill of rights, supplemental information and compliance with components of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.  It will be continuously updated as new security information is received or as new technological applications are integrated into the school environment.
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