Mrs. Wheeler

Afton Health Grade 6
WE have started our second round of our 10-week -7th Grade HEalthy Choices with Mrs Wheeler and Mr. Puglisi. This is a pilot class called "Safe Dates" that deals with tough issues surrounding dating relationships...if you have any questions please contact the school.

This class is run more like a "group" in the sense that there will be no daily grades/ homework... an overall grade for the course will be based on daily participation, organization/ completion of notebook, group projects and a class project that students create.
Afton High School Health
Oct 31-Nov 4- LAb time to work on Music Project research project...students should have lyrics, interpretation, works cited and outline completed...articles need to be reviewed/ take notes and begin your papre, powerpoint or video with Mr. DeVona.

Nov 7/8- We will start the social health packet (purple); We will do the "contact paper" and active/passive listening activities...if we have time: communication do's & dont's chart on page one. HW- keep working on your research project

Nov 9/10- Non-Verbal communication- examples (ie: in our culture/ others) We will also discuss the Sign LAnguage Alphabet and etiquette...practice.

**No School Nov.11

Nov 14/15- BUt He Loves ME video and questions- complete for next class.

Nov 16/17- We will be discussin the Power and Control Wheel and the Cycle of Violence and how they relate to the video...go over video quesions too.
UV High School Health
Oct 31-Nov4- We have been doing Music Project is taking us a while to get through the whole class...

**In the essence of time, we will stop with "Social HEalth packet...take a quick quiz and move into "sexuality."

Nov 3- we will do Endocrine system; vocab challenge; who's who- diagrams if we have time

Nov 4- Go over HW and do male/femalediagrams; menstrual cycle

Nov7- 20 questions activity (intro to the topics we will discuss in this unit)

Nov 8-Pregnancy/ emotional will read an article and write a reflection- we will set up a schedule for the Baby Project for next week

Nov 9/10
UV Health Grade 8
Nov. 7- We will be going over the Stress Notes and doing a "HEavy Load" activity.

Nov.8/9 We will be in the Library using the computers; you will be creating your "No Means No!" can only have on class period to complete- you will print off ad hand-in @ the end of the period

Nov.10- Mr. Nial/ Life Skills
Nov. 11- No School
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