Pool Activities


2021-2022 School Year

Pool activities are not held when school is not in session.

Masks must be worn in the building. 

Afton Central School Adult and Continuing Education program will be offering  Adult Water Aerobics will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:30 PM .  The fee for Water Aerobics is $3.00 per session; the instructor is Candy Lashway. For questions, call June White, Director, at 607-639-2811. 

Afton Central School will be offering Morning Swim on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The swimmers may enter through the Main entrance at  6:00 am. The doors do not stay unlocked, so if you are late, unfortunately, you can’t get in to swim. Go to the locker rooms and get ready to swim. When the locker room doors to the pool get opened the lifeguard is ready, and you can enter the pool. Masks must be worn as you enter the school. You can take you mask off right before you enter the pool. There are hooks to hang up masks on the pool deck between the two locker rooms. You can swim until 7:00 am. Then you have 15 minutes to change and leave the school. All swimmers must be out of the school before students arrive. It is $2.00 per day to participate in morning swim. 

  • Door opens- 6:00 am
  • Doors to pool open between- 6:05 am and 6:15 am
  • Swim time ends- 7:00 am 
  • Leave the school- 7:15 am 


1.    No jewelry, gum or unauthorized swimming equipment allowed.

2.    Food is not allowed in the pool area.

3.    No running or pushing in the pool area.

4.    No dives, back dives, twists or somersaults from the side of the pool.

5.    No diving in the shallow end of the pool.

6.     Make sure the diving area is clear before you attempt to dive from the deep end of the pool.

7.    No jumping or diving from the starting blocks. 

8.    No standing or sitting on the pool gutters.

9.    Bathing suits are the required attire for swimming in the pool.  Girls should wear 1-piece bathing suits.  2-piece bathing suits that cover the midriff are acceptable.

10.  Long hair is defined as hair that falls below the base of the neck.  Long hair needs to be tied up, braided or put in a ponytail.   

11.   When playing basketball, do not stand around the basket while on the deck and keep hands away from the rim and net at all times.

12.   Do not sit or hang on to the dividing rope at the deep end of the pool.

13.    No sitting on other swimmers’ shoulders.

14.    Swimmers need to keep their hands to themselves.

15.    No walking with flippers on.

16.    Spectators should remain in the spectator area.

17.    No shoes allowed on the pool deck swimming area.

18.     School masks and snorkels will not be available for use for pool parties/open swim.  You  may bring your own goggles or mask.  School flippers are available upon request.  Snorkels are not permitted for use during pool parties/open swim.

19.    All equipment must be put away when swimmers are done with it.


Pool Parties
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