Printing Directions

Printing/Scanning Directions

The first time you attempt to login on this screen you must register your badge.
  1. Swipe your badge (don’t press any buttons on the login screen).
  2. PaperCut will ask you to login with your network credentials using the on-screen keyboard (computer login username and password, do not include in your username).
  3. A success message should appear stating that your badge has been associated with your account.
  4. Once registered, the printer will return to the login screen and the registration process is complete.
Registration is only required on the first use of PaperCut, not the first use on every printer.  After registration, simply swipe your badge on any printer to login.
If you forget your badge or the badge reader does not work you may click the “Username and password” option and enter your network credentials to login to any printer.
All print jobs should be printed to the “Ricoh-Find-Me-Printers” printer.  In the coming days I will be removing all other physical printers from your computers to eliminate confusion.
Once a job is printed it can be retrieved from ANY printer with your badge, you no longer need to select a specific printer.
  1. Authenticate to the printer by using your badge, Username and password, or ID number.
  2. Click on “Print release” on the main screen (picture below).
  3. Select print jobs in queue to either print or delete (picture below), print button is located in the lower-right corner.
  4. Don’t forget to log out when done!!! 
There are two scanning options available at all printers: scan to email and scan to OneDrive.
I recommend using the scan to OneDrive option as it will allow for scanning of large documents and it is secure. Scanning to email is not secure and should not be used to scan confidential documents containing PII.
Scan to OneDrive (recommended)
The scan to OneDrive option requires you to authorize PaperCut to access your OneDrive account on your first scan. An email will be sent to you asking you to authorize access to your account. Click the authorization link in the email and the process is complete.
  1. Authenticate to the printer by using your badge, Username and password, or ID number.
  2. Click “Scan” on the main screen (picture below).
  3. Click “Scan to OneDrive” on the scan screen (picture below).
  4. Note the scanning path!!!  This will always remain the same.  Modify the filename if desired and click “Start scanning” (picture below).
  5. The first time you scan to OneDrive you will receive an e-mail authorizing PaperCut to save to your OneDrive account!  Click “Login to OneDrive for Business” in the e-mail to allow this.  After authorizing the scan will appear in OneDrive (picture below).
  6. Go to the scanning folder in OneDrive to retrieve your scan job (picture below).

Scan to Email (not recommended)
Use this option in a pinch or only if Scan to OneDrive isn’t working
Remember to keep the file sizes small (scan a small number of pages) in order for this option to work successfully.  If you scan something and it doesn’t appear in your e-mail, it was too big—you will not be notified of a failure!
  1. Authenticate to the printer by using your badge, Username and password, or ID number.
  2. Click “Scan” on the main screen (picture below).
  3. Click “Scan to My Email” on the scan screen (picture below).
  4. Modify the subject of the email and the filename if desired.  YOU CAN ONLY SEND SCANS TO YOURSELF!!!  Click start scanning to scan and send (picture below).
Student Use
Students will be able to use all the functions referenced in this email. Since students don’t have badges, they will use the “ID number” button on the login screen to identify themselves. Their ID number will be their 4-digit lunch number. This is not set up yet but should be by Friday, 9/11.
Final Note
With this printing system it is impossible to print without identifying yourself to the printer. This means that lab and office printers that used to “just print” will no longer be able to do that. Please be aware that you must identify yourself to all district printers before retrieving your jobs.
PaperCut Printing Locations
  • Business Office – Color
  • Cafeteria Office – Color
  • District Office – Color
  • ES Lab – Color
  • ES Library  – Color
  • ES Lounge – B/W
  • ES Office - Color 
  • Room 22 - B/W
  • Room 214 – B/W
  • Room 221 – B/W
  • Guidance Office – B/W
  • Health Office – B/W
  • HS Library – Color
  • HS Lounge – B/W
  • Pool Office – B/W
  • Transportation Office – Color
Please reach out with any questions or to report trouble.
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