Remote Learning


This page contains resources to help deliver on-line learning to students. 

How to choose the correct MEETING
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  2. Youtube link:
How to save a document (best practice) and then ATTACH that doc to an assignment in Teams.
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How to collaborate with, or send work to another person using the ‘Share’ option in Microsoft
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How to create a shortcut
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How to split your screen (and work on 2 things at once)
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Shared Drive Access on Personal Device

In order to sync the following shared folders to a personal device, install the OneDrive Sync Client.  If you have Windows 10 or greater, the OneDrive Sync Client is already installed.

Shared Folders
All Staff
Building Admins
Building Offices 
Business Office 
Custodial Office
District Office
District Secretaries
Elementary Office
Guidance Office 
MS-HS Office 
Physical Education 
Special Ed Office 
Special Ed Staff 
Student Work 
Technology Team 
Transportation Office 

Once the library is open, click the Sync button at the top to connect the shared folder to a personal device.

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