Transportation Changes

MS/HS Student Policy for Elementary Bus Run
If you are staying after school for an activity or program, a teacher will give you a pass to ride the elementary bus home at 3:30 PM. You may not get on the bus without a late bus pass. Do not stay after school unless you are participating in an activity.
Procedures/Rules for a Student Not Riding Assigned Bus Home

Transportation changes require a parent/guardian note sent in with the student to the office. Phone calls regarding transportation changes are also permitted until 12 p.m. for elementary students.

Middle/High School:

A student who desires to get off the bus at a stop other than his/her regular one should bring written permission to this effect from his/her parent or guardian. If this stop is another student's house, he/she also needs written permission from that student's parent or guardian. These requests should be brought to the office where they will be reviewed and either approved or disapproved by the principal. Then a bus pass will be issued to the students. If approval is granted, then the bus pass should be given to the bus driver for the day when the alternates topis to be used. A request in advance is preferred, and the approval is good only for the date for which approval was given.

A student who is not an eligible bus rider but wishes to ride the bus in the company of a regular rider in order to go to the friend's house must submit to the principal a written parental or guardian request both from their parent or guardian and the friend's parent or guardian. If approved, a bus pass will be issued to the student to be presented to the bus driver by the student on the date for which approval was given. If a middle or high school student remains after school for an extracurricular activity, detention, or help from a teacher, then the student must obtain a bus pass from whomever they stayed after school with in order to ride the elementary bus home at 3:30 PM.
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