Students standing in hallway with certificates

Hello, Afton Community! Here are our Student Shoutouts for this week!

Brian Wright-Brian recently became a NYS certified EMT and is also a NYS certified interior firefighter! Brian spends many hours in training and responding to emergencies in his community. We are lucky to have volunteers like Brian serving their community.

Jake DeCamp for helping Mrs. Covey with a computer issue

Rylee Noone - For sticking with it with iReady.

Hailey Hanson. Working hard with a partner in group work during math.

Ariana Wolfe. For working hard to help another student understand a math process.

Julian Terrell - Shout out for sharing all that amazing science knowledge

Misty Bushaw- Shout out for positivity in Biology class.

May Gea Romero - Shout out for sharing helpful hints in Medical Terminology.

Savannah Clark - Shout out for catching up in Robotics

Bryan Hoyt - For giving thoughtful answers during "circle time"