Support Ukraine

Hello, Afton Community! 

Afton Central School District is partnering with Sacred Heart Ukrainian Church in Johnson City in providing humanitarian support to Ukraine where many are suffering from the Russian invasion.

Students can bring food, clothing, and hygiene supplies to the tables outside the 1st floor elevator. Medical supplies need to be taken to the nurse’s office where they will be stored.

Thank you for your support.  We continue to collect items for Ukraine. Depending when we have enough to fill the container will depend on when we will ship.  We need any cold and pain medicine, wound care items, new socks, t-shirts, underwear all kids’ sizes , diapers, any hygiene products, vitamins, snacks, tea, coffee, mac and cheese boxes, food that is not heavy(no cans).  There is also a link for our Amazon wish list that will ship it to us directly.

You can also access the Ukrainian aid Amazon list to provide supplies directly at this link.